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[!] Warning From 15 July to 14 December, the main rail line between Frankfurt and Mannheim will be closed for reconstruction. This will result in numerous service changes and likely delays. More details (in German) here.
Intercity Transport
Roads and Driving

This page last updated January 6, 2024

Although Germany's excellent rail system can take you to most parts of the country, it can't take you everywhere and you may want to use a car for part of your travel in Germany. For driving or road enthusiasts, the Autobahn is an attraction in itself. Driving in Germany is a pleasure as the roads are in excellent condition and the drivers are well-trained and cooperative — just as long as you follow the rules. Here you will find a complete digest of those rules as well as information on renting a car in Germany, general information on touring and the highway network, a special section on the Autobahn, and a comprehensive collection of traffic signs and signals.

Driving basics and renting a car Driving Basics and Renting a Car
Rental cars, fuel, breakdowns, maps, and an overview of the road system
Traffic laws Rules of the Road
An overview of German traffic laws
Traffic signs Traffic Signs and Signals
A comprehensive guide to German road signs, signals, and markings
The Autobahn The Autobahn
An in-depth look at the world's most renown highway system
City Driving and Parking City Driving and Parking
Tips for driving in towns and cities and the low-down on parking
Driving quiz Driving Self-Test
Test your knowledge of the rules of road and signs