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[!] Warning From 15 July to 14 December, the main rail line between Frankfurt and Mannheim will be closed for reconstruction. This will result in numerous service changes and likely delays. More details (in German) here.
About Me

This page last updated January 6, 2024

Why on Earth did you click on this page? 😜 But since you're obviously interested, here 'goes...

Ever since I was a kid, I've had an interest in all forms of transportation. I lived in Germany during my middle school years and immediately became fascinated with Germany's extensive transportation system.

Back in 1998, I was a regular contributor to a newsgroup about European travel, and I found that I was answering many of the same questions about transportation options in Germany. A search of the Internet at the time showed that there really weren't any websites that discussed this utterly practical matter, so I developed this website to fill that niche as well as to provide information to people like myself who are otherwise interested in transportation in general.

Since then, many other sites on the topic have sprung-up, many of which reference or link back to this site. In addition, I've also consulted on, contributed content to, or been cited by a few travel guides and even a History Channel show about the Autobahn!

Although I currently live in Texas, I still get back to Germany every few years.

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